Tube Bending Services

Kewtube offers a wide range of tube manipulation services:

  • Left, right and variable radii CNC Bending up to 32mm OD.
  • CNC tube manipulation from 2mm to 75mm OD
  • Ring rolling and coiling up to 50mm OD
  • A variety of end forming: flaring, thread rolling or the welding of fittings or flanges.
  • A complete range of welding including MIG, TIG and brazing, as well as hydraulic pressure testing of welded fabrications up to 8000psi.
  • Manufacturing of special tooling for coiling, including CNC milling, turning and drilling.

We work in all materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper.

We provide a range of delivery and supply options: schedule, JIT and Kanban.

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